Wednesday, August 22, 2007

farewell, harry ... for now

I never thought I would get caught up in the hype of Harry Potter, but as an English major and an avid reader I did!

A few years back, during a Thanksgiving vacation in the Lake Arrowhead, I was sitting by the fireplace in our cabin and picked up the first Harry Potter book that one of the guest's 4 year old son brought. By chapter 8 I was addicted. I just had to continue on reading. I found myself getting sucked into this magical world J.K. Rowling had created. My imagination would run wild and I would get lost in the beauty of the stories.

Then my daughter came along the day book 6 arrived on my door step. I attempted to read, but the lack of sleep would get the best of me every time. My girlfriend told me once my kid turned 2 I would finally be able to read a book again.

She was right … and just in time for book 7 to come out! So, like a crazy “muggle” I was determined to read book 6 and 7. After late nights and neglecting my work I did it! It took me a week to read book 6 and 4 days to read book 7!

The morning I finished book 7 I found myself having mixed emotions. I was thrilled to complete the series and know how Harry Potter ended and knowing that I could get on with my life. But, there was sadness too … I would never feel the thrill of opening up a new Harry Potter book or having a reason to let my brain take a break from everyday “muggle” life!

Thank gawd for the movie! I found an excuse to delay the good-bye. I reopened book 5 … it had been 4 years since I read it and I figured that it was important to refresh my memory before seeing the movie. I took my time rereading this book, savoring every word.

Two weeks later I was ready to see the movie. My husband and I went to an early bird showing. I left the theater reeling with the differences between the book and movie and what I liked about the movie. Again, the flood of relief and sadness filled me. But, there is hope … Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the movie is yet to come!

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