Saturday, September 8, 2007

proud mommy moment

For the past week I have been working insane hours on a big project. I felt like I had been spending more time with my computer than with Little 'Ny. So, today after her nap I decided to "cut the cord" from my laptop and take her to the mall.

For four hours we hit the mall play ground, checked out the puppies at the pet store, browsed the kids clothing stores, grabbed some Hot Dog on a Stick and Panda Express, and sucked down milk shakes. We managed to escape the mall with only a Little Einstein doodle pad/book, a book of the original Curious George story and a Tupperware popsicle tray.

Tonight Little 'Ny wanted me to read her the Curious George book TWICE. In fact, she fell asleep clutching it!

As an English major and an avid reader, I had a moment of pride. Here was my darling 2 year old fast asleep, not gripping onto a horrible Sponge Bob Square Pants toy, but a book!!! Let's hope she continues to love reading as much as I do.

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