Saturday, October 27, 2007

doing something right

My husband and I always said that we wanted to make sure we taught our daughter how to be polite since it seems that this quality is lacking in a lot of kids lately.

Teaching her to say "please" and when to say it was easy. If she could say "cheese" she could say "please."

"Thank you" was a bit harder. Two word. The "th" sound is harder to pronounce. But, about a few months ago she was finally saying it when prompted.

Now, "please" and "thank you" is natural for her. She says it at the right time and rarely needs to be reminded to say it. Tonight, after dinner, because Little 'Ny was so well behaved at dinner and ate most of her food, I surprised her with a little bit of strawberry ice cream ("pink ice cream" to her). After a couple of bites Little 'Ny said "Thank you, Mommy, for pink ice cream".

My husband and I were so thrilled! We can now say we did something right as parents. And, because we have been trying to influence her we also have gotten better at saying it too.

Next up ... "you're welcome" and "excuse me."

UPDATE: Today I took Little 'Nys to Rock 'n Tumble for some free play time (due to the poor air quality from the fires local kids gyms have been opening their doors so kids and play inside). As we were leaving some kids were blocking our way to get out, so my polite little girl said "excuse me." I couldn't believe it!!!! I am doing something right!

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