Wednesday, November 14, 2007

nablopomo 14: the endless summer

One month ago my gas guzzling SUV decided that is had destroyed enough of the environment and took a crap. So, I am embarking on the super fun task of buying a car. I can't afford a Highlander Hybrid, but still need a SUV that is not cause a guilt trip every time I turned it on. Introducing my interest in the Rav4.

I am not a bargain hunter. Ask my husband. I hate digging through discount racks. I hate dealing with sales people.

So, I sought out advice on how to buy a car. Here are the two 4 tips I got:

1. Buy at the end of the month
2. Buy around a holiday
3. Buy on a Sunday during a sporting event
4. Buy on a rainy day

I had all of these things going for me as we approached Thanksgiving -- end of the month, holiday, Sunday football. But, what happened to the weather?!?!?!?

The great thing about living in San Diego is the mild weather. It was a GORGEOUS day today. There are no seasons here. If you want to use your fireplace on Thanksgiving or Christmas you have to run your air conditioning at the same time.

But, this perfect weather is not helping my car shopping. We need that winter storm to come back on Sunday the 25th. Hello, Mother Nature, I need a good deal on a Rav4!

1 comment:

  1. We bought our minivan on January 2nd - right after Christmas.

    It was a great time to buy - your list is true!

    Hope you get a good deal at Thanksgiving :)