Saturday, November 17, 2007

nablopomo 17: ode to my saturday

As a stay-at-work mom weekends are cherished, jam packed and too dang short. Today has been an especially sweet Saturday. Nothing particularly exciting happened, but maybe that is why.

Hubs started a side job working security on Friday nights at a local Irish Pub. He got in late, so Little 'Ny and I decided to let him sleep in and pick up some fresh bagels for breakfast.

The bagels-run was coupled with a visit to Starbucks (it is right next door after all). If some of you don't know I love my tall split 2-pump caramel non-fat latte. In an effort to control my caffeine in take I have limited myself to Starbucks only on the weekend. Let me tell you ... today's latte was exceptionally delicious!

After our breakfast and morning cartoons Little 'Ny and I headed off to the new local playground. It was a gorgeous fall morning -- perfect for playing outside. This playground has stuff for kids of all sizes. It is nicely laid out and very clean. Little 'Ny just loves it.

Around noon we ran a couple of errands and grabs some cheeseburgers. Hubs was up when we got home so we had a nice family lunch.

Little 'Ny took a great 2 hour nap which gave me plenty of time to check email (which has been badly piling up), pay bills (also piled up) and do a load of laundry (a never ending pile).

My god mother is in town vi sting with my parents and checking out their new house, so once Little 'Ny got up from her nap we headed over for dinner. We went to a delicious Thai restaurant and had a nice visit.

That was my Saturday ... told you, nothing exciting. But, that is what I liked about it. I spent great quality time with Little 'Ny, Hubs, my parents and my god mother. I didn't worry about the house, work, bills, etc. For once there was no drama, no rushing around, no stress. And, I loved every minute of it!

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