Friday, December 21, 2007

holiday scramble

Sorry I haven't been posting much, but I am scrambling this holiday. The trip to Chicago and the busy weekend before that really set me back in my holiday shopping and getting out my cards. Can you believe I still haven't mailed them!

I am doing some last minute shopping tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night will be spent wrapping the last of the gifts. And, Monday night I will be baking cupcakes with blue icing while Little 'Ny sleeps so I can put them under the tree for Christmas morning.

Not to mention because I am off work all next week my clients were FREAKING OUT today. There is something about just before time off that things start to break down. I believe the things my client find issues with have been broken for a while, it is just that they leave it to the very last minute.

Then there is my house ... ugh, my tiny, cluttered house. Hubs has been down with the flu, so I have been sleeping on the sofa trying to not get sick. So, there is bedding all over the living room now. Laundry is again piled up. And, Little 'Ny has crap every where. By the end of the night I am just too dang tired to do any cleaning.

I am looking forward to after Christmas and my 3 days off. I will need it to clean up and get some sleep!

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