Monday, January 28, 2008

chinese mushroom dance

Due to the winter storm that has hit So Cal playing outside for Little 'Ny and her classmates has been replaced by a new movie every day. I would prefer that they find other creative ways to occupy the kids, but I can understand that it keeps the kids from bouncing off the walls and gives the teachers some time to clean up the classroom.

The other day Little 'Ny's teacher thought she would see what the kids would think of Disney's Fantasia. She figured the imagery and classical music would be a nice change from the same old Dora the Explorer and Diego shows. Most of the kids found it boring, but Little 'Ny was enchanted. She was shouting out the colors of the flowers, dancing to the music and describing what was happening!

We have the VHS of Fantasia at home, so it is now in Little 'Ny's TV in her room for her to watch while I get her ready for bed. She loves Mickey Mouse so of course the story The Sorcerer's Apprentice is her favorite. But, she also loves the Chinese mushrooms dancing to Nutcracker Suite.

The animation to Nutcracker Suite is beautiful and so relaxing. I am thrilled that she enjoys it!

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