Saturday, February 2, 2008

the perfect saturday morning ...

Little 'Ny had a great Saturday morning ...

It started out with snuggling in bed with me. She watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I dozed off. Followed by building a magnificent tower of blocks. Then (as Little 'Ny says) "going to the store" (a.k.a. Target) and buying a new book.

Next on the agenda was a first birthday party for our friends' son. It was at a nice little park down at the beach. It has a jungle gym for 2-5 year olds. Little 'Ny had a great time.

She could have done without the swing. I think she is the only kid I have ever known that doesn't like to swing.

But, the best part for her was the cupcake! My daughter is a cupcake junky (so am I), so this made her day.

She was content the rest of the day. Aaaaahhhh ... the simple things in life. It is great being a kid!


  1. Adorbale pictures :)
    Check out for some super cute cupcake fiend finds!

  2. She looks like a little model..she is beautiful!!