Sunday, March 9, 2008

quick update

This past week went from pure elation to completely sucking!

Earlier this week I had my yearly work evaluation. It was the best evaluation I have gotten in the 4 years I have spent at my current job. My 4 years have all been good, but this one was the best. It felt so good knowing that a year of hard work was recognized.

By Friday some work stuff went down that I cannot elaborate publicly online. All I can say is that it completely deflatted my "I'm getting a raise" balloon.

Then today, it appears that Little 'Ny is having a relaps of her pneumonia. She is congested and coughing. She has a 101.1 fever. The poor thing had 2 weeks of good health (while on penicilin). I am so bummed out for her. She wants to go to school tomorrow and, of course, I can't let her. Thank goodness my parents can watch her so I can go into the office tomorrow.

Let's hope this week starts out better than this past week ended.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Pneumonia?? The poor little thing! How is she today??