Thursday, May 22, 2008

growing pains

Little 'Ny is a sweet little kid with a ton of energy and a flair for the dramatic. She is quite the chatter box, polite and wonderfully funny. But, when she is going through a growth spurt you know it.

She eats whatever she can get her hands on every waking moment which isn't very much because she sleeps A LOT during these growth spurts. But the hardest part about her growth spurts is how sensitive she gets. One second she is playing happily and the next she is melting down as if you threw her beloved bunny in the trash. The polite part of her disappears and is replaced with this demanding changeling. She cries at virtually anything.

This past week Little 'Ny was going through a growth spurt, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to put up the Eric Carle Up, Up I Go, A Growth Chart. She was really interested in it and wanted to help Hubs put it up. I quickly ran downstairs for my camera so I could get a picture of her. By the time I got back up the stairs she was hidding in the corner of her room sobbing because she was scared of the growth chart. She wouldn't let either of us pick her up in fear we would make her get close to it. The only place she was somewhat calm was sitting in her Dora the Explorer chair with her blankee and bunny.

Once I finally got her to relax she fell asleep immediately. But, at 1am I was woken up by sobbing. She had a bad dream and refused to sleep in her bed for the rest of the night. What is really strange is that two of her favorite books are The Very Hungry Catepillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear both by Eric Carle. So, why she is so terrified by this is beyond me.

Needless to say ... there is no photo to accompany this post. This growth spurt is coming to an end. And, my daughter is returning to her normal self. Maybe I will get that picture ... if she doesn't make me rip down the growth chart.

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  1. Yikes!! Emotional turmoil is so hard to deal with. Especially since little ones seem to experience every emotion at the same time.
    Hope she returns to her sweet self soon.