Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 8

After last week's shocking lost of Will I was jadded before I started watching tonight's So You Think You Can Dance. But, I have to say ... WHAT A SHOW!

Just to repeat ... this is just my personal opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments. So here goes ...

Courtney & Mark - She is so beautiful when she dances I think she makes any partnership work. It was entrancing to watch though.

Chelsie H. - Best solo of hers so far. Seemed to be more choreography to it.

Twitch - His solos are so good ... they are so well choreographed filled with humor and great moves. He is just wonderful.

Katee & Joshua - Spectacular! They are so good together. Those leeps were unbelievable by both of them. His was so high over her. She trusts him every time to catch her. And, I know I have said this before, but he is so manly and strong that it makes watching him on stage so powerful.

Chelsie & Twitch - Oh baby, she worked it from her until next week. Legs, hips, feet. All of them looked good on her that I actually didn't even really notice Twitch. I had to rewind to watch him again. I thought he did okay, but you could see he was out of his element. he does not have the hips or smoldering that Joshua did when he did the salsa. But, I thought he did well by being there for her.

Katee - Finally something that is energetic and different from her other solos.

Joshua - Great isolation of movements. That leap was so high! And, I just loved the booty pump ... not enough of that this season!

Courtney & Mark - Really excellent! I think they are a great couple. It really plays on his querkiness and her technical strengths. What I really liked about this performance was the detail in the movements -- hand gestures, pulsing to the music, facial expressions.

Katee & Joshua - So very passionate. I swear those two can do no wrong together. He should be a professional Passo Doble dancer. He looks the part. She was beautiful as usual. Really excellent!

Courtney - I liked this solo. It was well choreographed. I didn't seem like she was trying to throw in as many tricks as she could in the short amount of time she had.

Mark - This was my favorite of his solos. I wanted to see more.

Chelsie & Twitch - Really, really good choreography. Interesting that their first performance was her strength and the second one was his. He was excellent as expected. But, I thought she held her own.

Favorite Guy: Joshua
Favorite Girl: not sure yet

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