Thursday, August 14, 2008

word of mom: summer colds suck

Can you believe it? Two "word of mom" installments in one week! I actually meant to write a post about this before, but like many other things I forgot! What is going on? Well, Little 'Ny has come down with her second summer cold is what's going on.

Yesterday on our way home from swimming lessons I heard Little 'Ny cough. Not just a "clearing your throat" cough, but a "phlegmy" cough. When we got home she said "Mommy, I have boogies." Which means she needs my help blowing her nose. I knew it ... she was coming down with a cold.

When little kids come down with a cold life just sucks (mostly for mom and dad). But, when they come down with a cold during the summer life sucks even more. Going from air conditioned rooms to playing in the outdoor heat makes it inevitable that little ones will get sick. Sinus congestion and coughing makes for sleepless nights. The heat adds to the exhaustion. Exhaustion makes it even harder for them to get over their colds faster.

The last summer cold hit Little 'Ny really hard. She was so congested and uncomfortable that she was barely sleeping. I hate giving her over the counter decongestants and they don't seem to do anything for her anyways. What I needed was a solution that would shorten the duration of her cold more naturally. So, I headed to Sprouts for help. The woman that help me sent me home with: Hylands Sniffles n Sneezes Tablets for kids and Childrens Chestal By Boiron.

Did they work you ask? They sure did! Three days after I started Little 'Ny on these homeopathic solutions she was almost 100% better. I couldn't believe it! Her colds typically last 10 days. The trick is to make sure you set an alarm to remind you to administer the dosage.

So, after a very restless night last night (up at midnight and 2am) due to her stuffy nose and coughing I headed to the store to pick up another bottle of Hylands Sniffles n Sneezes Tablets for kids and Childrens Chestal By Boiron. This time to help make her more comfortable I used California Baby Bubble Bath Cold&Flu in her bath and rubbed her down with California Baby Massage Oil - Colds & Flu. She felt great after her bath. Her sinuses seems less congested. Let's hope she gets a good night sleep!


  1. I hope she feels better soon! xoxo Ash

  2. Wow... I should stock up on those products. The last cold/flu we battled was awful. He had a raging fever for 2 days.

    Glad Little 'Ny is feeling better!

  3. Glad they worked for her!! I've never heard of those, but I will certainly try them.