Wednesday, September 17, 2008

33 things ...

In honor of my 33rd birthday I have created a list of 33 things I want. It is a to do list of sorts.

1) purge the unnecessary clutter in my home

2) put together a realistic plan to lower my debt and get my credit score back to a number I am not embarrased about

3) reconnect with friends and family I have lost contact with

4) practice yoga regularly

5) get more in tune with my spiritual side and allow myself to have confidence in a higher being

6) allow myself to be happy, sad, angry, and excited when the feeling is right

7) find my will power again

8) make my home and yard a place I want to show off

9) put together a plan to secure my daughter's future

10) end every day with things put away and the dishes done

11) laugh more

12) don't let the laundry pile up

13) take care of myself emotionally and physically

14) read the books I have been wanting to read

15) eat more fruits and veggies

16) remember who I was and be true to myself

17) forgive myself

18) be the strong, smart and sensitive woman I would like my daughter to become

19) remember that every decision I make affects my daughter's future

20) be proud of looking in the mirror or having a photo taken of me

21) write more ... unleash my creative side

22) get organized so that I have more time to enjoy living

23) balance work and life better

24) take my vitamins

25) remember every day that quality is more important then quantity

26) think about how a situation best affects me and my daughter before I make a decision

27) only be a mother to my daughter and no one else

28) don't be afraid to ask for help

29) don't dwell in the past

30) take control of my karma, destiny and luck ... but, remember that a higher being is providing me options and challenges along the way

31) make time for me

32) give back to the community and take less from Mother Earth

33) love myself


  1. Happy Birthday! This list is a great present to yourself!

  2. Wishing you a fabulous next 33 years, one day at a time. Awesome list!

  3. My favorite is 27. *hug*

  4. That's a great list!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!