Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flying the Friendly Skies

Aloha from Maui!

I have never been more nervous about a flight like I was this time. The time I flew with Little ‘Ny was the flight from hell (think leaky diapers, baby vomit, mean flight attendants, lots of tears, and 4 changes of clothes). Dragging a 3 year old through 3 airports and buckling her down for hours did not sound like a relaxing start to my R&R getaway.

flying with a kid is always an adventure

Since the airlines are cutting back their amenities I had packed a whole carry on full of snacks, a DVD player and plenty of new toys and books to provide Little ‘Ny ample entertainment. Once I got her all buckled down I reminded her of the Little Einsteins BLAST OFF! and gave her a sippy of milk to help with the pressure on her ears. Surprisingly she made it through without a single complaint.

hanging out in the aisle

Once the seat belt symbol turned off I let Little ‘Ny walk down the aisle to check everything out. She waved and smiled at everyone we passed, said hello to the flight attendants and then I introduced her to an airplane bathroom! (BTW, I knew some airplanes are now equipped with changing tables … Northwest Airlines better get themselves upgraded!) After our little exploration she got comfortable on my lap to do some coloring in her new Princess coloring book and turned on her DVD player to watch Sleeping Beauty.

To my surprise the flight attendants started serving lunch with no additional cost! Even better … the lunch was pretty good. Afterwardt Little ‘Ny wanted another sippy of milk. So, we cruised to the back of the plane and asked if we could get some milk. The flight attendant handed me a carton of milk … with a smile! Back at our seats, I filled up the sippy cup, turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and 15 minutes later she was asleep. So, I opened up my new book to read for a little while. Next thing I knew Little ‘Ny was waking me up. I actually took a nap!

playing with her "babies"

The layover in Oahu wasn’t so bad either. Little ‘Ny entertained herself pushing her car seat around and playing with her “babies”. The island hopper flight was also pleasantly uneventful. Little ‘Ny just sat in her seat the whole time coloring.

Flying is never easy, especially with a child. Instead of nasty glares from our neighboring passengers they had smiles on their faces and mentioned in passing “she was so good.” Both Hawaiian Airlines and Little ‘Ny surpassed my expectations making the start of my R&R getaway a good one. (Let’s hope the flight home is just as easy!)

watching the airplanes


  1. aloha! looks like it's a great start to a well deserved vaca!!!

    xoxox CB

  2. Hope you are enjoying the hell out of yourself!