Thursday, October 2, 2008

my big kid

Yesterday Delaney and I were at Target picking up a few toiletries and a new book. As expected she wanted the first Disney Princess book she saw. It was a large hardback book with thick sturdy cardboard pages displaying large pictures of the princesses and their best friends. I told Delaney that we should walk around a little more to see if there was another one she might like better. On the next aisle she spotted another Disney Princess book. This one is a paperback book with 5 stories about each princess. The book is for beginner level reading.

I told Delaney she could only have one book and that she needed to choose the one she wanted. After a few seconds she handed me the first book and said "I don't want that one because it is for babies. I want this one because it is for big kids."

Since we got home from Target we have read that book cover to cover three times! I am so proud of my big kid!

UPDATE: If you are interested in the book it is called Princess Story Collection (Step into Reading)


  1. That sounds just like something Olivia would do. Disney has really got something going with those princesses.
    Now I want to go get that book!

  2. What a sweetie. I wanna hang out and read books!

  3. Aw, sweet. I notice she's not too big for princesses, though. ;-)

  4. You know what I can't wait for? Getting to read books with chapters together. And like, saying, "there's tonight's chapter. Until tomorrow night..."

    Why yes, I do fantasice about reading with my daughter.

  5. That is precious. She really is a great kid, Nicole. I wish I was still there to read to her and to help her read at school. You truly are a blessed, lucky mother.