Thursday, October 16, 2008

Word of Mom: Bravo

Living with a painting contractor I have always been concerned with budgeting with only one income in mind. But, with having two adults and a child in one home sharing one bank account this has not been easy. Now that I am 100% in control of where my money is spent I am working on a realistic budget. To get to where I want to be financially I had to start with some very serious purging. I have been selling things at consignment stores, donating to Goodwill for the end of year tax write off, being better at conserving energy, and cutting back on needless luxuries.

The first (and most obvious) was my cable bill.

Did I really need a DVR in my bedroom? Nope. That was an easy one. Someday maybe I will learn to live without a TV in my bedroom (don't hold your breath). It has been a bit of an adjustment to not be able to rewind something I might have missed on the Today show while getting ready for work and Little 'Ny is learning that if she wants to watch something we need to put on a DVD instead of watching yesterday's Dora episode while curled up in my "warm spot" drinking her milk. But, we are adjusting. After all, we still have the DVR downstairs.

Next to get the axe was my premium cable channels. I don't go to the movies. I don't belong to Blockbuster or Netflix. Therefore, HBO, Showtime, and Starzwere our form of entertainment. But, I don't need to watch the same movies over and over. The show I really want to watch (The Tudors) is on for a limited time and I can always watch it at my parents house, rent the collection or turn Showtime back on and have a marathon week then turn it off. So, I asked the customer service rep to turn the channels off *wimper* after a weekend of DVR'ing a bunch of movies (my way of sticking it to the man).

Thanks to those two changes I had knocked $70 bucks off of my monthly bill! But, what the hell am I supposed to watch now when my favorite shows are not on?

My solution ... the Bravo channel!

I already am hooked on Shear Genius and had always wanted to watch Project Runway. During my girls weekend in AZ my friends were raving about The Rachel Zoe Project, so on Tuesday I saw Bravo was running all of the episodes back to back. I turned it on. Fashion, celebrities, over the top drama ... I was hooked. I set the DVR to record all of them so I could watch them at my leisure. Then last night I watched the last episode of Project Runway until 1am! Again, hooked. I will be watching the reruns for sure. Then to top it off the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Somebody save me!

Now I don't have anyone loading up the DVR with Cops and Metal Mania. I am master of my own remote control (when Little 'Ny is asleep). I can enjoy my silly shows with no one teasing me. So, I saved Bravo to my favorites and set my DVR (and I think you should too)!


  1. I love anything that has to do with BRAVO. And there are 2 great shows on this Fall:

    *Raising the Bar
    *The ExList (which btw, is filmed in OB!)

    We only have 1 tv in our living room and I am making it stay that way. As much as my husband wants a TV in the bedroom, I say no - because 1 tv makes us be more select on what we watch - and watch together. (and less TV seriously..)

    And...if you get that fix to watch movies, NETFLIX is the way to go. It's great and reasonable way to enjoy cable series....

    Congrats on your budgeting... Now where is my spreadsheet?!?

  2. OMG
    How can one not love Bravo! :D
    I love:
    Project Runway
    Top Design
    Top Chef
    Shear Genius
    Work Out (for visual treats)
    Tabatha's Salon Takeover
    Flipping Out

    Bravo is really BRAVO! :D

  3. Between Bravo and Showtime, I would always have something to watch. Okay, maybe add in the Food Network and ABC, too. See? This is why I don't have cable.

  4. Do you know you can find a bunch of TV shows online? You probably knew that, didn't you? The library is awesome for cheap, um free (unless you are like me and turn in everything late). AND, we used to split a Netflix account with our neighbors . . . that worked great 'til they upped and moved on us.

    I can't lie. I am in deep like with my DVR. DEEP, deep like . . . Good for you for slashing some serious dough!

  5. I am a total Bravo addict. If I run out of stuff on the DVR, it's by first go-to channel, especially when I need background noise while blogging. Good for you for making some tough choices to make ends meet on one income.

    We are spending some windfall money on doing an energy audit for our house. We hope that it'll help us assess where we can get the best bang for our buck on upcoming home renovations.
    Good luck!