Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaBloPoMo 11: Celebrate Every Day

Today is my parents 39th wedding anniversary. They didn't know each other when they immigrated from the Philippines. They met on a blind date - his roommate and her roommate introduced them (notably they to are still married too). My parents had a whirlwind courtship before my father was sent off to Vietnam. Their courtship continued through letters. When my father was on R&R in Oahu my mother met him there. They got married in a civil ceremony and celebrated afterwards at a luau.

After Wedding Luau 1969

Hawaii Wedding 1969

The next year after my father was released from the Army my parents had a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. My mother wore a dress my grandmother's design shop created (I wore this same dress on my wedding day, but had it altered to be more modern). She was breathtaking and my father was so handsome.

LA Wedding 1970

LA Wedding 1970

The early years of their marriage was not easy. My mother worked full time while my father put him self through college. Then he got his first job when I was born. To make ends meet both of my parents worked full time while I was cared for by a nanny. Eventually, my mother quit her job as VP of a bank to get her cosmetology license so that she could have a flexible schedule when I started kindergarten.

My father retired a few years ago from the company that gave him his first job. He planned for his retirement, has been generous to his family and loves my mother with all his heart. My mother has always been the matriarch of the family, providing good haircuts, even greater food, sound advice, constant support and loves my father back with all her heart.

I love the relationship my parents have. They love each others strengths as well as each others weaknesses. They bring out the best in each other. They learn from each other and teach each other. They have the same interests and love to experience new things together. And, they love to spend every minute with each other. Today, I asked my mom if they were going to do anything special for their anniversary and she simply told me:

"Dad and I will just go out for Japanese sushi tomorrow....nothing elaborate....we've already celebrated by going to Alaska and Maui. Everyday is an anniversary for us, you get to our age we want every minute we are together to count because we don't know how many more years we will be blessed with good health."

my parents

Congratulations, Mom & Dad! I hope and pray that you both remain in excellent health so that you can celebrate every day for many, many, many more years. I love you!


  1. Every morning your Dad and I are eager to check your blog. It's our way of keeping up with you and D on a daily basis since we seldom talk on the phone unless it is something urgent. We know how busy & precious is your time. Today was especially touching....it is a very loving tribute. Thank you so much! You are the greatest gift for us. We love you unconditionally!

    Mom and Dad

  2. Awe. What a lovely post and even more so, your mother's COMMENT! It gave me happy chills!!

    A love like that is so rare, isn't it?

  3. That wedding dress is absolutely STUNNING! How amazing that you got to wear it as well! Happy anniversary to your parents, they look so in love!

  4. Your mom? One foxy bride. And then I read her comment to you and my eyes got sticky. Aw. Happy anniversary to them.

  5. What a beautiful love story. Not just the frothy emotional stuff that too often passes for love, but the kind of rock solid love they have for one another. Beautiful. Touching. Awesome. And so sweet that they read your blog, too.

  6. Awww babe. This is beautiful. They both looked stunning on their wedding day.

    So much emotion right now. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Dawn

    What a grand story about two wonderful people. This is an
    example of a good marriage. I will pray they both have good health for many years to come.
    They are dear friends and loved
    by many...

  8. I loved reading this. I totally teared up. You are so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful parents! Ok, have to get a tissue now.