Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NaBloPoMo 4: Never Forget

This is another retro blog. You have to forgive the fact that I no longer have my MacBook to download and edit photos easily. I hope to get my home desktop PC up and running during my end of year vacation to manage all of my photographs (and for Little 'Ny to play games on). In the meantime y'all are going to have to bare with me!

I am first generation Filipino. My parents moved to California when they were both young and full of hope for a better life. They have both studied and worked very hard to get what they have. They follow politics and the economy closely, and make a positive contribution to society as legal citizens. As expected, they were very passionate about this election. I am not well educated in politics, but I do believe that my vote is important. This country and the constitution were created to give me the right to vote based on what is best for my life. I don't judge whether other people agree with my opinion or not and I hope they pay me the same respect. If elections don't go in the direction I vote for I don't lose hope. So today, like a good American, I contributed my vote and proudly sported my "I Voted" sticker (and I got a free Starbucks!). I even wore my sticker with pride to the Madonna Sticky & Sweet concert!

I Voted

About 20 years ago my father and I made a promise that some day we would go see Madonna in concert. I am child of the '80s from The Valley. I listened to Madonna religiously. I wore the lace gloves, ruffle skirts, fishnet tank tops and headbands. Yet, I have never been to a Madonna concert. When I heard she would be performing here in San Diego I made sure to buy tickets for me and my dad.

The show was spectacular ... "hard candy" for the eyes! Madonna does nothing half ass. The woman sings while doing double dutch at 50 years old! She performed some of her old songs along with songs from her new album. No lip syncing, no head mic. I sang along at the top lungs while dancing along side my dad. She interacted with the audience, made a reference to her divorce, and even forgot some of the lyrics to "Ray of Light." It was amazing to see her in person. Of course, she shared her passion for the election and Obama.

Madonna supports Obama

I missed seeing Obama's speech live since I was at the concert, but I will never forget where I was when I got my CNN breaking news announcing that Obama will be our 44th president just like I will never forget where I was when I heard about the attack on the Twin Towers. My daughter will be reading about this election in her American history books some day and I get to tell her that Mommy was watching Madonna with Lolo and Lola when history was made. I spent an evening with the people who gave me the chance to have the freedom to vote, freedom of speech, and women's rights. It was quite a night!

Will you remember where you were today?


  1. Glad you got to spend time with family at the concert. Very cool.

    I am convinced I will always remember the moment. I'm still in the moment, pausing more than once today as tears rolled down my cheeks processing the magnitude of that which we've just witnessed.

  2. Still bummed I couldn't go. But I' glad you had such a good time. I'll always remember that night. Amazing.

  3. Great re-cap of an amazing, magical; night. Definitely one I'll remember forever.