Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have no energy to write a really deep post tonight. I got back from my business trip 13 days ago. Whatever cold I came home with has finally developed in to what I have diagnosed to be either an ear or sinus infection. My head is quite fuzzy preventing anything really interesting to surface. Therefore, I am going to use this time to do some housekeeping ...

Thank you to my dear friend Boss Sanders for awarding me a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Resolution. I can't wait to read her published story!

My muse Zoeyjane is planning on getting a new tattoo. She isn't sure where she wants to put it on her body. I know where I think it should be, but you should tell her where you think it should be. Head over to Mommy is Moody and vote!

Did I ever tell you I wrote a guest post for MomBabe? No? Sorry. I did. While that amazing woman was laid up in bed she let me take over her blog for the day. You can read it here. Let me know what you think and give her some love.

Need to spice up your love life? Head on over to Fear & Parenting Las Vegas ... she is having a tantalizing giveaway!

Finally, I am participating with Miss in a flickr group named 2 girls~2 clicks. Basically, we choose a theme for the week then pick one of my photos and she picks one of hers and we put them side by side. Here is this weeks:


Go here to check out more of them.

I think that is it for now ... hopefully by Thursday my brain will be functioning at 100% so I can write my next installment for my 100 Random Things About Me.

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  1. Thanks for the contest shout-out darlin! I'm still waiting for YOUR entry!


  2. *hug* Feel better lovely.

  3. Hey there, Cuz~ Hope you'll be feeling better soon. I checked out Flikr- cool idea! My Flikr acct. expired- I should re-up and take more photos, huh? Miss you, Delaney, and your folks. I hope we can see eachother soon (my folks are coming out Feb. 28th). Let's all get together!
    Xo- Tina