Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mama Told Me ...

When I was a kid my mom constantly told me to not grow up so fast. She says I was born an old lady. It didn't help that I was an only child who spent most of my time with my parents and their friends, spent many weekends with a nanny who basically was my grandmother, or helping my mom out in her salon surrounded by women getting their weekly wash & sets. Additionally, I always wanted to do things as soon as I was "of age" -- getting my driver's license on my 16th birthday, moving away for college, moving away after college, etc. Looking back now of course I wish I had just enjoyed every day that day instead of constantly pushing the future to arrive faster.

When I decided to go off The Pill so we could try to get pregnant I figured it would take some time for it to happen. Instead I was pregnant within 2 months. My pregnancy was text book sans morning sickness. I delivered Princess D two weeks prior to my due date (not by choice). The kid simply wanted to be born! Like me she started walking at 9 months and talking in full sentences early too. She wants to try everything as soon as she sees it even if it is not for her age group. The other day she told me "Mama, I don't like being small I want to be big like you and go to the office." My mom's words of "don't grow up so fast" ring in my ear. I want to teach Princess D to live in the moment and enjoy being a kid. Because life goes by way to quickly.

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  1. *sigh* You know, I think that by doing this yourself, it will rub off on her. If you slow down your life, her's will follow in turn. You already celebrate the little things of being a little girl so I think you are on the right track here.

    Honestly, she's a sweet, kind hearted, gentle little girl. You are doing such a good job with her because I can already see so many of her mamma's wonderful qualities in her. It's so easy to love the two of you.


  2. Yes, the sad thing is, you're only a child for 18 years and an adult for the rest of your life! You get to our age, the days seem to ran away from you and you vaguely remember what you did, ate an hour ago! So, don't take Princess D's baba away until she's ready,,and she did say she'll give it up when she turns 4.

  3. We're starting to think our 4yo has an old soul - smart, witty, and not really interested in kid stuff. We have to be really careful to make her play with other kids other than her sister just to be a kid.

    We all just want them to stay little until we realize whatever age they are is the perfect time.

  4. Lovely face, kids are so thrilled with what they have at that age you can just tell she is in heaven on that scooter!

  5. Sometimes Mikayla will say she is 5 or 10 and I tell her no - you are 3 - I don't want you growing up any faster than you already are because you are already growing up to fast.