Monday, February 23, 2009

Modern Mom Challenge - Week #8

I took a bit of a blogging siesta last week. Between the 3 day Disneyland trip and trying to catch up on what I missed while I was hanging out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse I was more focused on my photos than writing. I totally missed last week's and I am already late for this week's Modern Mom Challenge updates. I am finally getting back into the swing of things ... let the writing begin!

The holiday was so good for me, but the food was not. As much as you walk all day at theme parks the amount of junk food you consume replaces those burned calories instantly. What is even harder is when you go to theme parks with kids! The first thing Miss' son wanted was a churro and Princess D wanted popcorn. And, of course what they don't eat we did.

breakfast of champions

popcorn princess

Lunch wasn't any healthier and the evening snack was jumbo Mickey Mouse pretzels with cheese dip.

Mickey pretzels

Everything was so delicious, but my system paid for it. I have never felt so bloated and uncomfortable. I spent the next couple of days when I got home drinking my DeTox Yogi Tea and eating only fruit and vegetables. Turns out part of my problem was PMS!

Not a big surprise that I gained a few pounds with all of the junk I consumed at Disneyland and the delicious desserts, I shared with Miss during our girls' weekend of shopping, movies and wine. I am going to have to seriously watch what I eat for the next 45 days so that I can fit into my new dress I got for my friend's wedding. *sigh* It was good while it lasted.

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  1. That dessert was my fault. But it was SOO good. Even if I almost had to beat up an old lady for our table. I ate SO much on Saturday.

    And the pretzel. Oh that was delish. OK ENOUGH.

    Focus on the hot dress. ;-)

  2. You'll get back there. We've just gotta get you back in the swing. Would some sort of shock therapy help? :P

  3. Wow, it all looks so good! Makes me hungry...almost time for dinner! :D

    Great to see your little princess having such a wonderful time there - I am sure my lad would love it. I need to get myself to Disneyland even if it is just for the food!

    I think life is too short to worry about a few pounds although from what Miss said, it sounds like the dress you have is something special (I can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding and see what it is like!)

    Good luck getting back to the healthy diet. I find sweets (aka candy) are always too much of a tempation - maybe I need to try the shock therapy!

  4. Just got my shock therapy. I just weighed in at my WW meeting and all that slip of the lips stuck to my hips! I was only 1 pound away from my weight goal before Disneyland and now I am back to 5! Of course the Oscar and post Oscar parties sealed the damage. But it was well worth it. As Charlie said, life is too short to worry about a few pounds. Now back to the program!

  5. I'm hungry now and I just ate ice cream out of the carton. Not good.

  6. You can do it! And, now...thanks to you...I'm hungry. Again.

    Haven't talked to ya in a bit... email me!

  7. Disney land is soo much fun! The pretzels look yummy. Yes, junk food is hard on the hips. Good news is that you have 6 more weeks until wedding day.

  8. oh that soft pretzel looks so yummy. I've looked for one for a while now but they never have them at the movies. :( But looks like you had a ton of fun even if you had to detox after it. All the memories will be worth it. :)