Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unforgettable Memory

I have seen many family members and friends pass away. Some have lived long happy lives others have had their life taken from them too soon. No matter how they pass from this life (quickly or slowly) it has never been easy for me. Some people cry it out, drink themselves into a stupor, get angry at everything around them ... me, I simply close off. I tend to detach from the emotions in order to deal with the magnitude of the situation.

Every year for the past 4 years someone on my dad's side has passed away. First, my uncle. Second, my grandmother. Third, my grandfather. And just last week, my aunt lost her fight against cancer.

yellow roses

The viewing and memorial were held this past Friday. I don't particularly like viewings because I don't want the last memory I have of a loved one to be of them lying lifeless in a casket. So, when my cousin asked that if I would be the photographer for the day I eagerly said yes. The task would allow me to detach without guilt.


A few weeks ago my cousins had thrown their parents a "life celebration". It was a great way to get the family together to celebrate my uncle's birthday and to see my aunt one last time. I was so preoccupied that day chasing after Princess D and taking pictures I really only got so spend a few moments with her. The one moment that stands out was that my aunt was thirsty. Because she had grown so weak drinking from a bottle or cup seemed impossible. She needed a straw, but no one could find one. I seem to have a decent collection of straws in my car (thanks to Princess D and drive thrus). So, I quickly ran out to get one, grabbed a water bottle and helped her take a sip. It was the simplest gesture I could do to comfort my aunt.

On Friday, at the service (in between shots) I was digging through my purse to find Princess D a pen and paper to keep her quiet. There in my purse was a straw from the night before when I got takeout from Chick-fil-a. The sight of the straw instantly brought tears to my eyes reminding me of that moment. A couple of tear drops later I was off doing my "job."

waiting room

I know that moment will come rushing back to me every time I see a straw. Rest in peace, Tita. We will miss you.


  1. I'm so sorry, hun. You could have called me. You still can. Anytime, even if you just want to cry about straws. I love you.

  2. Beautiful post, beautiful memory. She would have been proud.

  3. I am so sorry for your losses.

  4. I know she was a wonderful person just like everyone else in your family. I believe she is watching over you, I am sure she will keep you safe.

  5. What a precious memory!