Monday, May 4, 2009

Street Faire Season

Along with allergies Spring also brings back neighborhood street fairs. I love everything about street faires ... people watching, boothing (definition: verb - browsing vendor booth to vendor booth in search for the ultimate handmade, over priced, and unnecessary item or free samples), completely fattening foods and a great excuse to spend time outside.

Yesterday Princess D and I went with my parents to the Carlsbad Village Street Faire which is the the largest single day street fair in the nation. There is over 900 vendors selling everything handmade clothes, gourmet foods, services, housewares and animal attire! I swear everyone in Southern California INCLUDING their pets were there. Princess D was in heaven with all of the dogs! I found it totally hilarious to see them in hats, sunglasses and their own strollers!

dog stroller

There really wasn't much for Princess D, but we did find a guy who was selling stained building blocks that could be constructed into castles. Princess D had a great time trying to build Sleeping Beauty's castle ... so, did I until I heard the price for the 67-piece starter kit!

building a castle

I try my best at fairs to not buy the first thing that catches my eye because probably 10 booths down another person is selling the same thing for $10 less. I have also learned that I end of paying way too much for something that would end up in my next garage sale or as a white elephant gift. So, I end up looking for something really unique. This time I discovered Double Koi Tea. Since I have been cutting back on my coffee intake my tea intake has increased. The teas this company sells is delicious and gorgeous! I ended up buying 3 different kinds (2 were gifts).


After 4 hours we were all spent and it was getting unbearably crowded. After a few hours at home I discovered Princess D napping in the blankets on the floor while my mom was changing the beddings.


She was unsuccessful at taking a full nap, but I ended up passing out on the sofa for almost 2 hours! So, when and where is the next street fair?!?!?!?!


  1. Oh street fairs were so fun when my boys were that age - I would wear them out with all the eye candy!!

  2. I love street faires! This looks like lots of fun (and a great way to wear out Princess D)!