Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My attempt at becoming a human pin cushion

A few weeks ago my therapist suggested I try acupuncture to help with my chronic neck pain and eczema. She gave me a number of a doctor she buys her green tea from. I have been seeing a chiropractor for my chronic neck pain, but I still use topical cream in an attempt to control my eczema. If this acupuncturist could fix both issues at one time I figured why not? I would much rather try alternative and natural remedies than have to pop pills forever or get sliced open. So, I made an appointment.

This afternoon I walked into an acupuncture clinic and was greeted by a very tall and slender Caucasian man. He has a head full of wavy brown hair and looked like he should be working in computers instead of practicing Chinese medicine. He moved so gracefully and spoke so calmly it was a but unnerving at first.

After discussing my life and the reasons why I was willing to get pricked with a bunch of tiny needles he had me lie face down on a massage table. The first pin was placed in my right ankle. It didn't feel like much ... a little tap. Next one was in my other ankle ... same feeling. Then a couple more in my hands. He put a bunch along the back of my neck and a few at the top of my head. It wasn't until he put one in my elbow and calf that I actually felt the pins.

The sensation is indescribable. I could feel my nerves respond to the needle as he twisted them. A warm sensation under my skin seemed to spread slowly to the surrounding areas relaxing me. When he left the room I actually began to fall asleep. I jolted just as I began to fall into a REM cycle and all of the needles quivered quickly reminding me that they were sticking in me!

acupuncture needles

Removing the tiny needles happened so quickly that I barely felt anything. The doctor told me to take my time getting up and after I did I wished I had taken his warning more seriously. My head was dizzy and I felt like I was moving through water. The neck pain and slight headache I had when I walked into the clinic was gone and I was incredibly relaxed and happy. Whatever that man did seems to have made a difference in just one session! I go back on Wednesday hoping that I will feel even better for BlogHer. Now if only I can find a way to get a photo of me looking like a pin cushion!


  1. Sounds very interesting! Can't wait to hear more about how it's working for you.

  2. I just found out last weekend that a new friend is an acupuncturist, and I was amazed at all the wonderful things acupuncture can do! Unfortunately I'm a bit unsure about the needle part (I'm such a wuss) so haven't tried it yet, but that's brilliant that you did! And I'm glad that the results were positive! Hurrah! :)

  3. i love alternative medicine and anything natural hehe my husband thinks me crazy as he is terrified of anything not approved by a dr and here in Malta we are still quite conventional!

  4. Acupuncture is incredible. It seriously saved my life many years ago. I had horrible foot pain and was barely walking well enough without tears. I was able to dance in my high heels at my wedding thanks to being a pin cushion weekly! Hope it helps you, too!