Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An Amature by Miss

I've seen a lot of discussion lately around the Internet about photography, and what makes someone a photographer. With websites like Flickr, that give us instant access to millions of photos, that allows us to upload, comment, favorite, and tag a photo in seconds, the Internet is literally saturated with photography. And this excites me.

I absolutely love photography. I think that the most wonderful thing about it is that what I see in a photo, may be completely different than what you see in a photo. Just take a look at my Flickr favorites. Once you get past all the recent personal photos (Legoland, Blogher. Skip to about page 4) you'll see love. You'll see humanity. You'll see perspective. That is one of the simplest beauties of photography. Perspective. We could be standing side by side and looking at the exact same thing, but what I capture with my camera could be entirely different that what you get. Any photos that I've taken on trips with Red Lotus Mama are a perfect example. Some are similar but each tell a story of a day, or a weekend we've spent together. They all blend together to form one description of an event that we shared.

My photography is important to me. Not only do I love to capture moments, but I love to discover new ways of looking at the world. My son taught me to have wonder, in his discovery of the world around him as he grew. I try to take that innocence, and capture it in a photo.

Inside Out

Depending on the camera I'm using, some editing is necessary. I find it hard to believe that some of the most beautiful photos are straight out of the camera. I've started making minor adjustments using Adobe Lightroom and I've been pleased with the results.

With this photo, I just boosted the color a bit and that was all that needed to be done. With my Nikon, that's usually all I need to do. Unless the flash really made the color distraught, I normally don't change my tones. When I recently took photos at a friends wedding, I had so many of her and her new husband that I didn't want to scrap, that I did play with the coloring a bit and change it up.

That's the beauty of photography. You can take a moment in time, and manipulate it to be what you want it to be.

Kinda like life.

Nic, thanks so much for letting me steal some of your space again. xoxoxo


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