Monday, September 21, 2009

My "thirtysomething" birthday

For a few years not I have not been a fan of my birthday. About a week before the actual day I begin to get grumpy. I think about who won't remember, how I wish I could celebrate vs. how I actually do, how I hate being a year older.

Like clockwork the birthday blues began to descend on me early last week. I started to feel the dread and bitterness every time someone mentioned my birthday. My boyfriend mentioned that maybe I should talk to my therapist to see what could be causing me to think like this.

So I did. She helped me realize that I should simply be celebrating my life, not my age. That my birthday will only be great if I make my own wishes come true and anything anyone does after that is just gravy.

I had to work A LOT on Thursday morning. Back to back client calls for 4 hours. After that I rewarded myself with a one hour massage courtesy of a gift certificate my boyfriend got me for Mother's Day. Then I spent the rest of my evening with Princess D and my parents. What they did for me wasn't gravy, but exactly what I wanted ...

PIZZA ... with pepperoni, spinach and mushrooms

birthday pizza

CAKE ... chocolate with strawberry filling

chocolate cake with strawberries

CHAMPAGNE ... not the pink kind, but still good


It was a good birthday ... the best one I have had in a long time ... and the last time I ever have the birthday blues!