Monday, October 19, 2009

Her prince is my savior

Thanks to the unpredictable Southern California Fall weather everyone and their mother are coming down with either a cold or the flu ... including us.

On Thursday afternoon Princess D was complaining about a sore throat. Then Friday morning she woke up with a slight cough. By Saturday morning she had a full blown head cold. I picked her up early from her dad's place cutting "his weekend" short and ending my free weekend early. We made a pit stop at the local CVS to pick up my favorite remedies -- Hyland's Sniffles 'n Sneezes and Boiron Children's Chestal Cough Syrup.

After pumping her full of cold stuff, sucking out a bunch of snot, and a good nap she was feeling good as new ... but, I was not. How do you deal with a kid who is bouncing off the walls while you are aching and exhausted?

Introducing two remedies that cure stir craziness --

1) pumpkin patch bounce house


2) her Lolo (a.k.a. grandfather)

making pumpkin faces

After a couple of hours with him at the local pumpkin patch she was hungry and slept the entire night in her own bed.

I kept her home from school today and me out of the for one more day of rest. Unfortunately, I still had to put in a full 8 hour working day. I turned to my dad again for help. From the moment she woke up until dinner time he entertained her with pretend cooking, with her Dora castle, gardening, pretending to be Hercules to her Meg, painting and doing whatever else her imagination fancied.

Princess D calls him her prince". He indulges her imagination and she makes him laugh. I love the bond they have and am so thankful for it on days like today.