Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 10: SYTYCD Season 6 Episode 3

One of the best (and worse) things about So You Think You Can Dance is the partnering. There are times when the partnering is shear magic even though you would think they would be totally mismatched. There are times the partnering actually helps each other improve their weakness. Then there are times when the partnering shows proves the weakness of the partner.

What is so hard is that as elimination begins pairs get broken up. The ones you love change and new pairs are formed. Right now I am loving Legacy & Kathryn. To me they are really helping each other grow. I am so interested in what the new pair Channing & Victor will give to us. And, I wonder if the in real life married couple Ashleigh & Ryan will ever get paired.

So, let's find out if my favorite still holds strong, how the new pair does and if a new pair is created at the end of the show ...

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments. Because Princess D doesn't go to bed until 9pm I often have to watch this show on DVR so I am behind all of you SYTYCD junkies, but and I don't alter what I write based on the judges comments.

Kevin & Karen (Hustle) She looked gorgeous, but what is new?!?! I thought there was some great moves he did, but some not so good ones too. The ones that did work surprised me. One big question ... what the HELL did the costumers put him in?

Ashleigh & Jakob (Jazz) I thought it was an interesting routine. She looked slinky and proving that she is not just a ballroom dancer. I am not sure if it was part of the choreography, but she did seem slouching a bit. He was 80s sultry and mysterious while appearing to be so light on his feet the entire routine. I don't think it is my favorite routine more so because I didn't feel the storyline other than "don't drop the cane." I saw the connection between the two of them which is what kept it interesting to me.

Peter & Pauline (Quick Step) Love the storyline. Worked perfectly for them as a pair. Some very fun parts of the routine, but there were some awkwardness. There is no doubt that this is a difficult dance that relies a lot on the personality. It was fun, but just ok technically.

Kathryn & Legacy (Broadway) I still love the connection these two have. I thought the routine was fun and that the choreographer really used their strengths. He surprises me every week ... what a great future this guy has! He is proving that he belongs on this show. I totally enjoyed it!

Channing & Victor (Contemporary) As the newest pair I think they were lucky to get their style and such a well choreographed routine. The chemistry worked. The storyline worked. It was beautiful!

Ellenore & Ryan (Hip Hop) Well, I though she had a lot more swagger than he did. She was hitting it harder than him. She was more into the ground than he was. It wasn't dirty enough for me. It wasn't "buck" enough for me. I wanted to like them, but it just wasn't there for me.

Mollee & Nathan (Salsa) I love a good salsa, but there was something missing from this one. She was entirely too stiff. There was nothing sexified about her. He was better than she was. Their age really shined through for me. It looked like two kids trying dance in a salsa club. It was not good.

Noelle & Russell (Afro Jazz) Best routine of the night for me. The energy and storyline was great! The choreography used their strengths. The chemistry was there for me. I really enjoyed it!