Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm a Disney Mom

I have lived in Southern California all but 6 years of my life, and I always lived only one hour away from Disneyland. For some reason Disneyland always felt like it was miles away ... a major vacation ... way too expensive. One of my first Disneyland memories was when we were leaving the park and I was riding piggyback on my dad and the fireworks were behind us. I remember how HUGE they seemed. The last time I was there was for my high school Grad Nite 16 years ago. I always wanted to go back, but never found a reason.

Now that I have my daughter Disney has become a huge part of my life. I watch Disney movies. I have a room full of Disney toys and books. I have most of the Disney Princess movies memorized. So, it only made sense that I get us annual passes.

Once upon a time ...

We have been to Disneyland already 5 times this year! Princess D is getting more confident every visit to go on rides or meet characters. I am learning the tips and tricks from other bloggers like Miss and Dan. The drive gets easier every time.

Minnie Mouse with Mini Me

I am finding ways to make the Magic Kingdom magically affordable! We bring all of our own snacks and water. Since we are So Cal residents I am on the monthly payment plan for our annual passes. My parents drop us off while they visit friends or family so that we don't have to pay for parking. Princess D is allowed only one treat (usually a churro), one toy and one collector pin. Thanks to the annual pass discount I can leave the park with only spending $20!

on the Dumbo ride

I am joining the ranks of those that wear the collectable pins and knows Disney trivia ... and I a loving it!