Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SYTYCD Season 6 Episode 7

It is at this point in the So You Think You Can Dance competition when it is hard to see some of the dancers perform a routine not as well as they could have. It is also a relief to see when the voting gets it right.

Last week Nathan was cut and I believe this was for the best. He is going to be an incredible dancer, but I think there is a level of maturity that he needs to reach in order to be incredible.

I liked Noelle, but I felt like she was becoming a one trick pony in her solos. Her technical level seems to be lower than the other dancers.

So ... let's see who excels this week!

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments. Because Princess D doesn't go to bed until 9pm I often have to watch this show on DVR so I am behind all of you SYTYCD junkies, but and I don't alter what I write based on the judges comments.

Kathryn & Ryan (Disco) This style is always fun to watch and this was FUN! I thought both dancers were great. He is still proves to be a great partner. She is still gorgeous out there. I think they had a great partnership too.

Mollee & Jakob (Viennese Waltz) This was a very different choreography for this style. I actually really enjoyed it. They were beautifully synchronized. They had chemistry and showed off their strength. I have no idea if technically they were good, but I have to say that was an amazing routine!

Ellenore & Legacy (Contemporary) This was a great routine showing off these two dancers strengths. His partnering has really come a long way! He was there for her the entire way. She was stunning ... her legs and lines! They had great chemistry and held their characters. The use of props had to be challenging, but they didn't miss a beat. Fantastic!

Russell & (sans) Ashleigh (Hip Hop) I really would have loved to have seen her perform this routine considering how well she has done this style in the past. He was awesome! I loved his personality and energy. There was nothing wrong with the choreography or the performance.

Kathryn & Ryan (Cha Cha) This did not look like a Cha Cha at all, which I think was smart considering that this was not her style. After seeing Ashleigh perform the Cha Cha it would be hard to not compare the technical performance to this one. But, it was a great routine! The chemistry was there. The partnering was spectacular. The performance was incredible. It was a hot routine!

Mollee & Jakob (Broadway) It really is great to see her paired up with other dancers because she really is excelling! He is consistently flawless. It was a great routine and a fantastic partnership.

Ellenore & Legacy (Hip Hop) For me he really stood out in this routine. The B Boy trick on her back was so cool. It was such a strange routine for NAPPYTABS. I think they danced it well, but it did not push her enough I think. Compared to the other routines of the night this was the weakest.

Russell & (sans) Ashleigh (Bollywood) He had the BIGGEST smile and simply shined out there. I am impressed at the partnering considering how much time he had to work with the stand in for Ashleigh. This style suits him. It was a great routine for him! This is the third time this season he has worked with a stand in because of injured partners ... this guy continues to stand out.

Solos ... the stand outs for me were Kathryn and Jakob.