Thursday, January 14, 2010

Triple dog dare

I was triple dog dared by Liz from This Full House to list out the 28 flavors of popcorn I shoveled with a smile.

popcorn with a smile

Well, I just couldn't back down from a triple dog dare. So, here goes ...

1. Plain
2. Butter
3. Cheddar
4. White Cheddar
5. Jalapeno
6. Jalapeno Cheese
7. Nacho Cheese
8. Garlic Parmesan
9. Caramel
10. Red Apple
11. Cherry
12. Orange
13. Lemon
14. Lime
15. Blueberry
16. Grape
17. Rainbow
18. Chocolate
19. Black Licorice
20. Pumpkin
21. Cinnamon
22. Vanilla
23. Caramel & Nuts
24. Chocolate Fudge Brownie
25. Cookies & Cream
26. Pecans & Praline
27. Butter Toffee Crunch
28. Honey Almond

And, just to bring this list home ... seasonal combos:

Valentine's Day: Red Apple, Cherry and Vanilla
St. Patrick's Day: Lime and Vanilla
Fourth of July: Red Apple, Blueberry and Vanilla
Halloween: Orange and Licorice
Thanksgiving: Red Apple, Pumpkin and Chocolate
Christmas: Red Apple and Lime

Dare met and then some! I think I remember this simply because I was scarred for life. My personal humiliation in sharing these photos with you was just an added bonus!

always the cheerleader