Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's almost ready

Every week Princess D's class focuses on one letter of the alphabet. They learn words that start with that letter, make crafts around that letter, and read stories to help reinforce that letter.

On our car ride home on Monday I asked her about what she is learning this week. She said the letter Z and started naming off her Z words ... zebra, zipper, zucchini.

Then she said "Mama, did you know that Z-O-O spells zoo?"

I asked her if she learned that in school and she said "No. I memorized it."

"Really? Where from?" I asked.

"Don't you remember, Mama? From the movie UP. It's where they worked. Z-O-O!"

We haven't watched UP in months. I had no idea that she even remembered that scene in the movie let alone knew that word. I couldn't figure out if I was more surprised about how good her memory is or that she is starting to recognize words. All I could think was that my baby really is ready for Kindergarten!

Sweet D