Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter to an Icelandic volcano

Dear Eyjafjallajökull,

I totally get that you need to let off some steam. You have a bunch of tectonic plates rubbing you the wrong way and causing a bunch of chaos. Who isn't all worked up? But, you don't see anyone else creating such a ruckus.

The ocean proved its strength with the tsunami in 2004. The weather proved that a hurricane is not just a drink in New Orleans. The tectonic plates proved they could not only destroy a city, but could actually shift the Earth axis and shortened the length of a day. So, are you just trying to prove a point too?

There are people who simply want to get home. There are people who need to get to hospitals for treatments. There are people who have funerals and weddings to get to or have missed. There are people who had vacations planned. And, then there is me ...

I have not seen my boyfriend since February. I am missing him terribly, and the next time I get to see him will not be until August. My daughter misses him almost as much as I do, and she won't get to see him again until October. I have been so excited to show her London and Paris for the first time. She can't wait to meet my boyfriend's family and son. Plus, I fought so hard to make this trip a reality.

So, calm those eruptions down, put your ash cloud away and just chill out. You are in Iceland after all. You proved your point already. We get it. Now let the people fly.

Nic (and the rest of the people who are grounded)