Thursday, April 1, 2010

Night Owl

I have always been a night person and loved sleeping late into the morning. I would have to set my alarm clock a good hour before I was supposed to wake up because I would just hit snooze over and over again. If I woke up too early or against my will I was grumpy ... REALLY grumpy. Grumpy enough that I earned the nickname of Bear in university.

I haven't changed much. I make myself go to sleep at midnight. I struggle to wake up at 7am. And, sadly Princess D seems to be taking after me.

Her preschool has nap time every day ... FOR TWO HOURS! So at night she is not falling asleep until 10pm. I can't seem to get her to expend enough energy to exhaust her. We have stopped TV watching by 8pm. I have started waking her up at 7am to see if I can get her on a better schedule. Nothing seems to be working.

My only saving grace is that come September when she starts Kindergarten nap time will be eliminated totally and an 8pm bedtimes will be back.