Thursday, April 8, 2010

Owl in a Box

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook you probably read about the San Marcos owl named Molly. If you checked it out you are probably an "owlcoholic" who is part of the Owl Club and suffering from M.O.D. (Molly Obsessive Disorder). If you haven't then you MUST check it out.


A few weeks ago my dad came into my bedroom with a newspaper clipping telling me that I just had to check out this barn owl that had made a nest in an owl box that a local family had built in their yard. Molly the owl had laid 6 eggs. She had eaten one because she knew it was a bad egg and the first one had hatched. It took a whole 5 minutes of watching and I was hooked. Within 10 minutes I had Miss hooked too. A few days after that we had the boys from IOLTOS talking about Molly on their podcast.

So what is it about this owl that is so addicting ... especially for a girl who does not particularly care for birds?

Initially it was the shock of seeing Molly and her "owl husband" McGee mating or bonding or whatever it is they do.

Then it was the anticipation of seeing the owlets hatch. Princess D was so excited and fascinated to see little Pattison (the second owlet). The hatching of these owlets is like a niece or nephew being born. When the last egg didn't hatch it was like witnessing a miscarriage.

Finally, witnessing an actual marital spat between owls. Molly didn't want to eat some rabbit McGee had brought her and the owlets the night before. When he showed up with more food he noticed that she hadn't eaten the rabbit. He took the rabbit and tossed it in front of her. The screeched at each other before he took off again. She watch for him to return, but after a few minutes she took the rabbit and flew off to dispose of it. The whole scene played out like a TV sitcom.

Now that the owlets are growing at rapid rates I can't wait to see how Molly begins to parent them. Teach them how to eat, fly, hunt. In so many ways this is better than watching National Geographic. This is unedited nature that is taking place just down the street.

Molly & her owlets

Now you all have a better idea of where in San Diego I actually live. I like my relatively unknown town, but Molly, McGee and their owlets have put it on the map. Guess you can still consider this town a bit mellow since it took an owl to bring it some attention. Let's hope the fame stays with the owl or another animal gets famous on