Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bonjour Disneyland Paris!

One of the things I love about England is how easy it is to travel to other countries. If you have ever driven on the East Coast of the US you know how quickly you can be in another state. It is like that in Europe. Hop on a "puddle jumper" and in an hour you are in Spain or Germany. For $10 you can fly to Ireland. From England you can drive your car onto the Euro Tunnel train and in 30 minutes you are in France.

Driving onto the Euro Tunnel train

Bienvenue en France

If you read my little blog regularly (or know me at all) you know how much I love Disneyland. The Boyfriend knows, so he made plans to take us and his 3.5 year old son, Terror, to Disneyland Paris. Princess D is an old pro at the Disneyland in Aneheim, but this provided her a totally new adventure.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Paris

Since we were staying at a resort hotel we were able to go into the park 2 hours before the general public could. The entrance to the park looks like a French sea side chateau. Main Street and the 4 different "lands" look and are laid out so different. Overall, the park is smaller with less rides making it seem even more crowded than it really was. There is a lot of construction and cleaning going on since it is their "off season" causing quite a few of the rides to be closed causing lines to the open rides to be quite long.

Princess D riding Dumbo

Many of Princess D's favorite rides are there: Dumbo, Peter Pan, Pinnochio. There are some that look like same, but are named different, such as "King Arthur's Carousel" is named "Lancelot's Carsousel", or the treehouse in Disneyland Paris is still named "The Swiss Family Robinson" while the treehouse in Aneheim has been changed to "Tarzan". There are rides that you think will be exactly the same, but are totally different, such as Small World, Space Mountain (which I have to admit is in fact BETTER in Paris), or The Haunted Mansion.

This was Terror's first time to any Disneyland. That little boy has more energy and a lot less fear than Princess D. As much as he brought her a little more out of her shell she was still very cautious. He loved Pirates of the Carrbean and The Haunted Mansion while she was too scared. Terror is all boy compared to little Princess D. Between the cars, space ships and pirates he was in heaven.

My boys on Sir Lancelot's Carousel

By the end of the day the kids were happy and sleepy, but The Boyfriend and I were exhaused! And, we still had one more day to go!