Thursday, May 13, 2010

The ties that bind

This trip was the first time my daughter and The Boyfriend's son met. We really didn't know what to expect. They are both only children who are used to having our attention solely on them. They are only 15 months apart in age, but so very different!

Princess D got her pseudonym because she LOVES anything princess. She is ├╝ber girly (with the exception that she doesn't play with dolls)! Almost every night she puts on a princess gown, jewelry and make up. She loves to singing, dancing, string beads, and anything artistic. Her world is all about tea parties, gardening and cooking.

Terror got his nickname because he is all boy! From the minute he wakes up to the minute he passes out he is going at 100% energy level. Cars, trains and helicopters are his toys of choice. He fearlessly jumps without a helmet or parachute from anything. Rough and tumble is the only way to describe him.

Cinderella's coach

They fought like we expected they would. They fought over The Boyfriend's attention. They fought over who would help with the groceries. They fought over who got to sit in the stroller. They fought over who would get to push the elevator button. They fought if they didn't have the same juice, the same toys, or the same markers.

But, the fighting was only 25% of the time. What we didn't expect was the other 75% ...

Princess D helped guide Terror in sharing and taught him her favorite concept of "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit". She influenced him to eat peas and to try other new foods. She would play "mommy kitty cat" to his "baby kitty cat". She taught him to not stomp on the flowers. She would help herd him in and keep him calm.

Terror would constantly out run Princess D. But, it helped her be more daring ... going on rides she would never go on before, sliding down a tree house poll, walking across or climbing ropes. He would help cheer her on and help her up. He was protective when another little boy pushed her.

The Monday before Princess D and I had to fly home we dropped Terror off with his Mum. He didn't want to say good bye to Princess D (I can only guess because he didn't want her to go). She cried the entire hour and a half drive home because she didn't have anyone to play with. Neither The Boyfriend or I were expecting their good bye to be so hard. After only one week together a bond formed ... big sister and little brother.

helping hand

"Separated By Distance, Joined By Love" ~Chuck Danes