Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 - Top 11

The past two weeks I have been working like craaaaaaaaazy. Tonight is my first "free" night which was perfect since So You Think You Can Dance was on! If you don't know it is my favorite show! It takes all that horrible stress I build up during the day and shoulder shakes it right off. My grump face can't help but smile at every leap, assisted lift, hip shake and attitude. To see a b-boy pull off a contemporary routine or a salsa dancer hit a hip hop move extra hard just makes me sublimely happy. And, Season 7 is making me extra happy! I am loving the the shake ups ...

THE ALL STARS I loved them back then and I love them even more now! To get a chance to see Twitch, Kathryn, Mark, Lauren, Dominic and Courtney again makes me giddy! I love seeing them dance in their own styles and since they are not being judged there are no limitations to their performance.

MIA MICHAELS No one could replace Ms. "Hot Tamale" Mary, but Mia is just fabulous and her critiques are always peppered with the best analogies and descriptions. What I also love about her is that she doesn't try to sugar coat her negative criticism.

THE CHOREOGRAPHERS They have started the season off with my favorites - NappyTabs, Sonya, Travis. What the did so well tonight was that what they choreographed for these couples highlighted the contestants. It is so easy for your eye to go to the All Star dancer, but their choreography keeps your eye on the contestant. That is good choreography right there!

My favorites this season so far are salsa dancer Cristina Santana, and baby faced Kent Boyd. They have so much potential to grow and personalities that are just infectious!

It's going to be a GREAT season so tune in!