Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Princess D's birthday gift & my new baby

When Princess D was born we had a dog named Jezebel. She was a black Labrador Retriever mix and was the sweetest dog I had ever meet. Jezebel was so gentle and patient with the new addition who was taking all the attention away from her. Sadly by the time Jezebel turn 14 years old she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Our vet said that she wouldn't survive chemotherapy so the only option was to put her down so that she was no longer in pain. We were all very attached to Jezebel. Princess D was only 2 years old, but to this day she mentions how much misses Jezebel and wants a dog again.

D & Jezebel

Over a year now I have been promising D that when she gets old enough we would get a puppy. With a full time job, a long distance relationship, and living with my parents has made me hesitate. I thought it would have been best to wait until we moved out or when The Boyfriend moved here so that a dog wouldn't be a burden on my parents. About a month ago all that changed. My friend Lex was thinking about giving up her dog Flower since she is expecting babies #3 and 4 (yup, twins!). So I started thinking about the possibilities and joy is would bring Princess D. With the help of my mom (who has been wanting a dog too) we were able to convince my father that Flower would be a good dog for us. Only problem is that Flower is already in a very loving home.

Once I got the news that Lex couldn't part with Flower started the hunt for the perfect dog for us. I knew I would never purchase a dog from a store or a breeder. There are too many dogs that need a good home and the best place to adopt from in San Diego is the Helen Woodward Animal Center. I pulled up their website to see what they had available.

On Thursday they had a 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier mix available named Lyla, so I took Princess D to see her. Unfortunately, we got there too late to have a play session and the next day D and were at Disneyland. All day Friday my mom was keeping an eye on the site when she discovered that a litter of Chihuahua/Dachshund puppies had gone up for adoption. D was with her Daddy the rest of the weekend, so my parents and I headed to Rancho Santa Fe to check them out.

There were three puppies available. Two of them are brown and black with ears that stuck up like a Chihuahua. But, the other puppy is pitch black with both ears totally flopped down. She looks like a toy version of a black Labrador. The instant I saw her big black eyes I knew she was THE dog for us. I quickly filled out the adoption papers and brought her home as a birthday gift for Princess D.

I would like to introduce ... Chloe!

puppy eyes

Chloe had a couple of days to get used to her new home while Princess D was at her Daddy's for the weekend. Tonight I brought D came home from school to her special birthday gift. At first she was in complete shock, but once she realized that her birthday gift was a puppy I don't think I have ever seen her so excited. It truly was a precious moment!

Princess D and Chloe are perfect together! I am now the Mama to a 5 year old princess and 2 month old chiweenie. Life really is sweet!