Thursday, July 22, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 - Top 6

First Alex, then Ashley, and now Billy Bell. What is going on with all of the injuries this season! Are the routines that much harder? Are the dancers not getting enough rest? Do the dancers need to stretch more? Whatever it is it needs to stop before this becomes a show of physical elimination instead of a competition.

Shake your thang white girl! Lauren was BUCK tonight! "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" ... she did just that! I loved her hip hop routine with Twitch. It would be a dream come true to dance with him, but she really did hold her own. She was one of my favorites during the auditions, I started to doubted her in the first few weeks, but the past few weeks she has grown and improved so much. As the only girl left in the competition she is putting up a fight to the finish.

I really enjoyed the Samba routine Lauren and Robert performed. They were fantastic together! He carried himself like a Latin ballroom dancer and once again her booty shaking was impressive! It was great seeing Dimetri's choreography again. He took a different spin on a Latin style dance which was fresh and fun.

Helloooo Robert! The Jazz routine was another hot performance by him. I loved his connection with All Star Lauren! They were both so light on their feet making every step, leap, tumble seem so effortless. It was stellar dancing!

Kent had a great night tonight getting crowned twice as "the one to beat"! The Sonya Tayeh routine was perfect to show off Kent's skills and personality. As much as seeing a white boy wearing a prep school uniform perform a Step routine with the incredible Twitch is awkward I still think Kent killed it! He is a spectacular dancer for his age and has a very successful dance career ahead of him.

I think Lyrical Hip Hop should be AdéChiké's style. It just seems to fit him so well. The choreography was excellent. It showed him off really well ... technical, emotional, strong.

Ugh ... what can I say about AdéChiké and Jose performing the Paso Doble? In the past seasons there have been some impressive Paso Doble: Joshua and Katee in season 4 or Legacy and Kathryn in Season 6. Both of those performances had a fire in them that this performance lacked. Not sure if it their physical size that really downplayed how they were supposed to dominate on stage. Their upper bodies didn't feel puffed up enough and their legs didn't look extended enough. It just wasn't enough

I believe Jose has so much potential. He just connects so well with all of his partners. Put him through some training outside of his B-boy style and I think he will go far. Sadly, I think this is his last week unless Billy Bell is unable to return to the competition.