Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 - Top 7

"There is something about a great piece of art and I believe it's when the right dancers come together with the right choreographer with the right piece of music at the right time to the right piece and something magical happens." ~Cat Deeley

Tonight's show was all about that quote ...

Travis Wall really is an amazing choreographer. Robert's performance was all heart and incredibly moving.

I LOVED the baseball routine! The acrobatics was fantasic and seemed effortless. The personalities and the partnership was perfect. It was so much fun to watch that I will rewind and watch again.

The Boogie Shoes dance was simply adorable! That opening was really wonderful to see zoomed in on. I thought Lauren & Billy performed so well together. Another effortless looking performance. It made me want to put on my boogie shoes!

I love that this show brings all kinds of dance to the stage ...

Tonight they didn't disappoint by introducing Tahitian dance to the line up. It was amazing to see Lauren up there shaking her thang like her life depended on it. She did fabulous and I loved it!

The B-boy routine was so cool! When I think of B-boy I don't think of choreographed routines. This had characters, the movements were pieced together, and it had musicality. I want to see more B-boy routines now.

To quote Mia Michaels, "I like boys!" Seeing three "all boy" routines was so much fun! The strength and acrobatics just blows me away. Most notably, Kent has really grown these past two weeks and I think for the boys he is the one to beat now.

On a side note ...

Costuming must have been on on acid this week. All the feathers ... WHOA! Poor Anya clearly didn't have the right length on any of her skirts ... they kept getting caught on her heels! And, what in the world were they thinking when they put AdéChiké in that outfit? I was so distracted by it that I really couldn't pay attention to not so great dancing.

Since Ashley is automatically in the bottom due to her injury, my prediction for bottom 3 this week ... AdéChiké and Robert.