Thursday, July 1, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 - Top 9

I had a very long work day today. At 11:30pm I was so ready to shut off my lappy and TV, turn off the light and burrow into my bed. I had indulged in some Thai food and wine while I worked, but I needed something more to balance out my day. Best solution ... So You Think You Can Dance! And, tonight's episode was worth staying up for.

Cat Deeley looked gorgeous! Her hair was perfection. She looked sun kissed and glistening. Definately my girl crush!

AdéChiké Torbert totally blew me away tonight! If I didn't know that he was trained in Contemporary I would have sworn that he was a hip hop dancer. This performance tonight has changed my mind about him. The choreography by Dave Scott had so much personality and swagger. Loved it ... loved him! Now I know why he is in the top 9.

I think Ashley Galvan's performance was so much better this week, but she still hasn't won me over. Not sure what it is. She is forgettable to me.

Sonya Tayeh is one of my favorite choreographers and when you see dancers like Robert Roldan perform one of her dances I get transfixed. He totally held his own with All Star Courtney Galiano and was at the same level as Mark Kanemura. Robert has been consistently good.

I feel so much better that Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman said that they made a mistake letting one of my favorites, Cristina Santana, go. Melinda Sullivan is not on the same level compared to the other girls this season. There were some hot moments in her salsa, but after seeing her solo I think Nigel Lythgoe is right. It's like Melinda doesn't feel the rhythm of the music.

The solo performances by Billy Bell and Alex Wong were AMAZING! By far the best solos of the night. Billy is so much better as a solo dancer.

Tonight had so many wardrobe malfunctions! Melinda's dress getting caught on her heel. Lauren Froderman's dress breaking. What is amazing is how these dancers keep on going -- not breaking character, forgetting their steps or missing a beat. This is how life should be ... snags and breaks happen, but you need to keep going.

Last year we had Legacy. This year we have Jose Ruiz. These B-boys are hard workers! I really enjoyed watching Jose perform tonight. It might not have been the technically perfect samba performance, but he pulled that off! It was a very entertaining performance!

Kent ... oh, Kent. He is so young, but has so much potential. I think he just needs to mature more.

Best performance of the night hands down goes to Alex performing a NappyTab's hip hop routine with Twitch! The choreography was tailored to them. Alex is a trained ballet dancer doing HIP HOP. This proved that he is a skilled dancer. I bet that this is one of the performances that will be encored at the end of the season. Incredible!

I am not sure who all will be in the bottom 3 this week, but am pretty certain that Melinda will go home this week.