Monday, August 16, 2010

Dog vs. Bee

Chloe is a dachshund-chihuahua mix, but the dachshund seems to be the dominant gene in her. The big floppy ears. The big front paws for digging. The nose constantly on the ground hunting.

hound dog

She loves exploring in the garden since there are so many things to sniff and taste. She love watching the ants and disrupting their line with her nose. Unfortunately I am constantly pulling rocks, twigs and flowers out of her mouth because her nose and mouth don't know when to leave something alone.

On Thursday while I was on client calls my mom had taken Chloe out to "do her business". About 15 minutes after she came back in her face started itching. She ran to the kitchen and threw up then wanted to lay down, but couldn't get comfortable. I thought she had something in her mouth, but realized that it was because her jowls had swollen up. Then I noticed the skin around her eyes were swollen too. She was clearly having some kind of allergic reaction.

I rushed Chloe to a local vet my mom's friend recommended. They quickly took her back and gave her 2 shots and fluids. Three hours later she was back to her normal adorable self. Our guess is that she was stung by (or ate) a bee since I have caught her before trying to eat a bee and, sure enough, the next day she attempted it again.

Looks like I will be investing in pet insurance ... any recommendations?