Monday, August 30, 2010

The first day

Princess D has been going to the same preschool since she was 18 months old. She is not new to the full school days while I am working. The teachers at her preschool have seen her grow up, they helped me with potty training, and they helped teach her how to write her name and the fundamentals of reading. She has made so many friends who have come and gone over the years.

22 months - preschool

Almost every day we drive past her new elementary school on the way home so that she can see the kids playing out on the field and she understands how far from home she is. The past few months I have been talking with Princess D a lot about this major change about to happen in her life. She has told me that she is really going to miss her friends and is nervous about going to a new school, but she is also really excited.

I have been mentally prepared for this day as well. All the paperwork has been submitted and supplies purchased. My parents and her dad are all ready for our new schedule based on Princess D's school hours, school vacation days and (my favorite perk of all) no more naps. My commute will be cut down by 30 minutes giving me back an entire hour each day. I knew it would be emotional for all of us, but I made sure she knew I was confident that going to a new school was a really exciting and good experience. I was totally ready until I saw this today ...

walking in on her own

My baby started Kindergarten. Her first steps towards learning to be independent in a whole new world. I wanted to hold her hand all the way to the desk chair, but we were told to stand at the gate. I wanted to not let her out of my sight until the teacher closed the classroom door, but there were so many parents wanting the same thing as their kids blocked Princess D from my view.

I know she will do great making new friends, getting to know her new teacher, adapting to the new classroom and getting used to a more structured curriculum. She will always be my baby ... and I am one proud mama!

First day of Kindergarten!