Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 - Top 3

I can't believe it is already the end of Season 7! It was a crazy roller coaster of changes and injuries. I never want seasons to end, but can't wait to see how this one does ...

That was the perfect Bollywood routine for Kent's personality! I don't know if the different hand things were correct or if he hit the movements hard enough. What I do know is that I enjoyed watching this routine.

I do believe that Lauren is the dark horse. She has grown so much! I actually love seeing her perform with Twitch because she really can hold her own with him and it is really fun to see their dynamic. Way to go Lo Fro!

All Star Mark is an unbelievable dancer and tonight Robert proved that he is too seeing them dancing side by side. At moments I couldn't tell who was who. Amazing!

The performance with Robert and Lauren was gorgeous! There is not much else I can say ... GORGEOUS!

Totally agree that Kent and Lauren danced the "Hip to be Square" routine really well, but the choreography was "eh". Not my favorite routine and a bit disappointed with Mandy Moore to be totally honest.

The performance Kent did with All Star Alison was unbelievably fantastic! His emotion was so moving. One of the best performances he has done this season.

What a spectacular opening solo Robert had in that Broadway performance. I loved the spin on the West Side Story song. Robert was so strong and stayed in character the entire way through.

HELLO LAUREN! Usually I can't take my eyes off of Pasha whenever he is performing, but this time Lauren stole the show! That girl's back roll is breathtaking. She is fearless, sexy, strong and talented. Mia Michael's statement "I would want to dance like you" said it all!

I was really pensive about seeing another dude vs. dude routine like this after seeing the Paso Doble disaster with Jose and AdéChiké. This on the other hand was powerful and dynamic ... and believable. It felt like gangsters doing the tango!

I have to admit that I would happy if any of these 3 dancers win this. But only one can win, so I am going with Princess D's new saying of "Girls rule, boys drool!" (Thank you summer camp for starting this early. /sarcasm) I hope Lauren takes this all the way! I liked her, disliked her and now love her. She won my vote!