Monday, October 4, 2010

The 5 year old emotional roller coaster

My daughter has always been on the dramatic side. She is creative, imaginative and bossy. I have already prepared myself that performing arts will in her (our) future. What I didn't prepare myself for was this emotional roller coaster she is taking me on.

On Saturday she was watching Hotel for Dogs, a movie she has seen many times, while I picked up my bedroom. She came in with tears streaming down her cheeks. I though maybe she hurt herself or the puppy nipped her, but she just said "no". Then between whimpers and sniffles she mumbled "They took the dogs away."

I reminded her that she knows at the end of the movie the dogs get returned. She cheered up and went back to watch her movie. About 30 minutes later she found me picking up her bedroom with fresh tears running down her cheeks. I asked what was wrong this time and she replied "They are happy tears."

I know I am a tad emotionally detached. I haven't cried at a movie or a Hallmark card since I started becoming unhappy in my marriage. But, this I didn't quite know how what to do or how to react to her crying over a movie.

For the past few weeks her emotions have been raw -- like me when I am PMS'ing and have missed a day or two of my Lexparo dosage. Mommy friends of mine have told me that awareness of emotions begins at 5 years old. It is no longer just happy or sad. There is a whole rainbow of emotions! So, how do you reign them all in?

I have talked to her about her feelings more. Putting more descriptive names and explaining the difference of her emotions. The question now is how can I teach her to be more in control of them?