Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 14

A Letter to Jessica Simpson.

I am not a huge fan of your music and I did think the whole show about your marriage did you a disservice, but I always thought of you as my hero when it came to shoe design. If I had the money and people behind me I would design my own shoes too. My shoe line would be filled with embroidered or sequined ballet flats, fabulous wedges that came in different heights, and sexy peep toe sling backs.

I hate shoe shopping because most of the shoes I love I just can't wear. If I could wear 4" stilettos without breaking my ankle or falling on my face I would probably buy every shoe you make. Which is why when I was looking for a pair of close toe wedges that would easily go from work to night I couldn't believe I found a pair of the PERFECT Jessica Simpson shoes. They were perfect enough that I even twitpic'ed them! I told every one who "poo-poo'ed" your shoes saying that you couldn't make a good shoe that they were wrong. Even my daughter loved how they sounded when I walked.

For months I wore these perfect wedges to work so I figured I would take them to Las Vegas. The first night there I wore them until 6am ... walking the strip from hotel to hotel and dancing. But, then the next day my big toes hurt so much I could barely put my shoes on. I figured give them a day or two to feel better. That didn't happen. My toes hurt for a month. And months later they looked like this:

My big toes are still bruised from the #vegasbb! on Twitpic

And a month after that photo was taken my big toe nails FELL OFF.

I have always liked my feet. I pamper them a bit. Even during the winter months I get pedicures. I wear flip flops about 75% of the year. Losing my toe nails was horrible, but having them grow back in was worse. My toes looked horrible and one ended up with an ingrown nail that had to be surgically removed. If you haven't had to go through one of these surgeries yet I can honestly tell you that you will never want too ... and you must not be wearing your own shoes.

Over the past months my toe nails have grown back in nicely, but they are still abnormally sensitive. What is still so painful is that I haven't been able to find a pair of wedges that looked as fabulous as yours did. Now every time I see a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that I like I can't even bring myself to trying them on. As cute as your designs might be I will never again put them on my feet. So, I will continue my search for the perfect pair of wedges and a new shoe designer to look up to.

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