Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy BOOMERS! Holiday

Have you ever had a weekend when there is NOTHING on the calendar and you don’t know quite what do to with the kids? I know I have. Solution: BOOMERS!


A couple of weekends ago Boomers! San Diego hosted a holiday event for a bunch of local bloggers. I have never taken Princess D there because I figured it wouldn't be much fun for a 5 year old. I was surprised to discover that this family friendly location offers a large game room including air hockey tables and skee ball (my daughter’s personal favorites), a go kart track, and all kinds of "county fair" type rides including a ferris wheel, batting cages and miniature golf.

mini golfer

It was my daughter’s first time playing miniature golf. She had so much fun and proved to be a natural golfer by getting a hole in one on the Storybook course 9th hole (there is also a Western course).

Since this was a holiday event, BOOMERS! set out Christmas pictures for the kids to color and sugar cookies for decorating. They even arranged for a scavenger hunt to find Santa.

Santa at Boomers! Holiday

It was a very fun day for both of us! Thank you so much to BOOMERS! for hosting a wonderful event and introducing us to some family fun activities. I wouldn’t be surprised if Princess D’s grandparents will be putting her in golf lessons if her back swing is as good as her putting. In the meantime, we will be going back to Boomers! in Vista for some practice!