Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy birthday, Miss!

In 2008, I met Miss on Plurk. There was something about her I trusted immediately. She was funny, sensitive, and thoughtful. I never expected to have her be such a huge part of my life, but for almost 3 years a day hasn't gone by when I haven't been in touch with her.

me & the lovely Miss

We share a love of wine, cupcakes, and Disneyland. We despise each other's baseball team, but are willing to watch a Dodgers vs. Padres game together. She introduced me to iTunes, the brilliance of Sex and the City and "toy" shopping. I introduced her to Brazilian waxing, Rosebud Salve and yoga. The past New Years Eves have been spent "together" via IM while our kids are fast asleep in their beds. We commiserate on the joys and challenges of our long distance relationships. And we plan our futures together.

mad hatters

Before we actually met in person we were both talking about our parents going on an Alaskan cruise at the same time. There was a moment when we wondered if we were related! When you look at our kids you would think they were siblings. She cares about my daughter's well being and I follow up on her son's school reports & baseball games. We are family!

A "family" photo

I know with Miss that no matter what I talk to her about she will listen with an open mind and heart. Her loyalty, kindness and generosity are immeasurable. She always says that I have taught her how to be a better friend, but she taught me how to believe in myself again. Friends bring out the best in each other!


Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend!

Happy Birthday, Miss