Saturday, January 27, 2007

the art of procrastination

The one thing I have learned about my husband after 4 years of marriage is that he has made the words "I'll do it tomorrow" into his slogan. As the saying goes ... tomorrow never comes, so our poor house is full of "I'll do it tomorrows."

I, on the other hand, have become borderline OCD (my own diagnosis). Dishes, laundry, getting rid of clutter. All of this is stemming from my new year's resolutions. But, what has happened is that I barely rest. Rest has become my "I'll do it tomorrow" thing.

Life needs to be balanced ... ying/yang ... work/play ... chores/relax. "Doing it tomorrow" should not be a description for procrastination, but a way to balance out life.

(Maybe my husband is starting to think the same way ... he finally fixed the door knob this morning!)

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